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Frequently Asked Questions

A: SocialGainUP is a new, free and fast growing social exchange service that will help you to get more Facebook likes and shares, Twitter followers and retweets, YouTube views and likes, Instagram likes and followers, Google circles, Pinterest followers and likes... and many more.

Q: How much does it costs?

A: You are probably wondering about how much this cool service might costs including all its features. Well here is your answer:
It costs NOTHING!
It is TOTALLY FREE for unlimited time!

Q: How does SocialGainUP works?

A: First of all you need to do is create your SocialGainUP account. Then login to your social network account you already have (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google, Instagram and etc.) You will also have to be logged in into your SocialGainUP account and view, share, follow or like content you are only interested in.

Q: Why do I need points?

A: As long as you have points you will continuously receive social media activities to your content from your social network accounts (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and etc.)

Q: How can I get points?

A: There are many ways you could get your points including:
- Free points for viewing, sharing, following or liking other users pages, videos, pictures and etc.
- Daily bonus points for active users.
- Free points from winning the contest of the most active users each month.
- Using our affiliate programs about receiving free points.
- Buying points.

Q: How do I use my points?

A: Any time your content gets activity from other users (e.g. viewing, sharing, following, liking), points will be deducted from your account depending on how much points you set on your cost per activity section for each content.

Q: Why I am not receiving any activity?

A: The main reason for this could be the lack of points. Make sure you have enough points needed for your cost per action activity or earn points by viewing, sharing, following or liking other users content.

Q: What services are currently included?

A: SocialGainUP currently has included Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Pinterest and Instagram. Anyway we would like to inform the users that SocialGainUP is not affiliated or endorsed with any of these services.

Q: How many accounts am I allowed to have?

A: You are allowed to have only 1 account per person. We have the right to terminate your account or block your activity if we suspect violation in our terms and conditions.

Q: Do I need to give my social media passwords to SocialGainUP?

A: No. We don't need your password from your other social network accounts (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Instagram and etc.) for using our service and we will never ask you to do that.

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