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The use of this website is subject to the following terms of use:

- You must not buy points from someone other than
- You must not sell/buy your account.
- You must not create more than 1 account.
- You must not use accounts/pages/videos/posts that you don't own or don't have permission from the owner.
- You must not use auto-clickers, bots or any kind of automation to get points.
- You must not follow then unfollow, like then unlike, subscribe then unsubscribe on any account, page, video, post and etc.
- You must not post threatening, hateful, pornographic, violence, nudity content.
- You must not use your SocialGainUP account for any illegal activity.

I. You understand that ONLY you are responsible for any inappropriate/illegal content you post or share.
II. does not take responsibility for your actions including your posts/videos/links and etc. that might contain something offensive or inappropriate.
III. does not take responsibility for any closure of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram or any other social account you are having and using with us.
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V. has the right to terminate your SocialGainUP account permanently if it comprises against our terms and conditions.

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