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How it works

The Registration on SocialGainUP is extremely simple and quick.

When the registration is completed you will need to add pages from "Add new Page" button.
All of your pages will appear in "My Pages" section. In this section you can change total clicks or PPC (Points Per Click).
Also you can delete or stop individual pages from being run within your campaign.
How does it work?
  • -You need to create an account at SocialGainUP.
  • -You need to login to your social network account like facebook, twitter, youtube.
  • -Get points
  • -Use those points to promote your page.
How to get points?
  • -You can get free points by liking, following, viewing the others pages.
  • -You can receive 150 daily bonus points
  • -You can share your referral link and receive 500 points.
  • -You can buy points.
SocialGainUP doesn't sell likes, shares, followers, views and will never request your username or password of your social network account.

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